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Solar LED Street Light Contribution to Energy Saving
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Solar LED Street Light Contribution to Energy Saving

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XU TAI brand LED street light saves 100% of its electrical

Electric benefit

Every light 80w XU TAI card wireless solar LED street light,to work 12 hours a day, 0.8yuan/KWH calculation

400W×12 hours/day×365present 1000×0.8=4012 RMB 

Can save electricity,1402 yuan a day,10 years of direct economic benefits is 14000 yuan.


Saving energy benefit

XU TAI brand LED street light saves 100% of its electrical, solar energy will be in the current strongly advocated “play an important role in energy saving 4% of side, also will be we build a conservation-minded society and an important force in building circular economy.


Each one solar LED street light 10 years to 17520KWH saving  electricity consumption benefits. According to the current power coal consumption of 396 grams of standard coal/ KWH calculation.


XU TAI brand solar street light

Each lamp can save standard coal 396*17520KWH/1000=6938 for a year.

Each solar LED street light of XU TAI brand can save 6.94 ton for ten years.

Environment benefit

According the current China’s coal fired power plant emissions of 175.4 grams of C02 per KWH, 8g SO/KWH calculation.


Reduce emissionCO2 Reduce emissionSO2

Every year 783.83Kg 35.75Kg

Ten years 7.84ton 0.36ton


And every year the loss caused by environment pollution in our country paid a heave price,according to the China green national economic accounting 2004(that is,the green GDP accounting) study,points out that the economic loss caused by environment pollution in China in 2004 is 511.8 billion yuan,accounting for 3.05% of GDP;Therefor,replace high energy consumption of traditional street lamps with advanced energy-saving XU TAI brand LED street lamp,solar energy is to maintain the need of human survival,is the need of protecting nature,is the need of sustainable and healthy development of national economy,but also the need of the benefit of future generations.


A light ten years can save fourteen thousand yuan

A light ten years can save power 17520 degrees

A light ten years can save 6.94 tons of standard coal

A light ten years can reduce pollution CO27.84tons,SO20.36tons

100thousand lights can save 1.4 billion a year

100,thousand lights can save 1.752 billion degrees each year

100.thousand lights can save 694thousand tons of standard coal each year

100thousand lights can reduce emission of CO2 87.4thousand tons ,SO2 3.6 thousand tons

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